Cold Heading

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Cold Heading

Cold Heading Materials:
Advantages To Cold Forming:
More Advantages To Cold Forming:

Cold Forming:
-Is the art of Shaping metal through force to create material movement
-Reduces scrap rates in raw material resulting in costs savings
-Unique shapes can be produced with large head to shank ratios
-Provides uninterrupted grain flow for greater strength and reliability
-Can manufacture parts at a higher rates of speed
-Parts can be manufactured to “NET” of “Near Net” Shape reducing the need for additional secondary operations
-Cold forming allows multi-piece assemblies to be manufactured as single piece component eliminating assembly and welding
-Combining cold forming with secondary operations can achieve extremely difficult parts with tight tolerances reducing costs.


Solve, Source, Schedule


Vendor Inventory Management System
  • Over the past year’s manufacturers have realized that “soft costs” related to sourcing parts, purchasing, expediting, receiving, stocking and paying for inventory to be used in production, many times exceeded the value of the goods associated with them.
  • Blue Chip’s Solve, Source, Schedule approach to inventory management systems has helped reduce these costs for our customers and has given them more time to focus on other company goals & objectives.
  • Realizing every customer’s needs are different, Blue Chip utilizes a detailed step-by-step plan to address every department’s concerns to offer the most cost-effective solutions.

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Our highly skilled team of fastener professionals have been doing that for over 37 years.

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