Wire Form Samples

Wire Form Samples

CNC – Four Slide – Press Forming

Bent-Custom Bending to Print Specifications

  • Diameters from .016 to 1.00”
  • Tight dimension tolerances
  • High speed and repeatability
  • Infinite feed lengths
  • Threaded-Standard, Metric, Acme, Rolled, Cut
  • Headed-Tapered Points, Collars, Rounds
  • Pierced & Coined-All Shapes & Sizes
  • In-process Staking, Stamping, Chamfering Undercutting, Threading

Materials:  Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Spring Steels, Alloys

Other Procccess include Cadmium Plate, Zinc or Zinc and Tellow Chromate Plate, Galvanize, Heat Treat & Powder Coat.

Standard Wire Fasteners include Cotter Pins, Hitch Pin Clips, Spring Pins, S-Hooks, D-Rings, Key Rings and Clips.