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*Customized head marking for your boats are available.

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Striker Bars


Striking out with your current supplier? Let us step up to the plate!

Send us your drawings today for fast competitive prices and let our team of experts work with your company to increase your bottom line profits.

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Swivel Nuts for Hangers and Specialty Nut Products

Exampled of Swivel Nuts

Exampled of Swivel Nuts

Blue Chip Engineered Products, Inc. supplies Swivel Nuts for Hangers and Specialty Nut Products in Any Size, Any Material and Any Plating!

  • Years of experience combined with our flexible service and our solve, source, schedule approach are what have propelled us to be a leader in the specialty fastening component industry.
  • If we can be of any assistance please call our competent sales force at 859.538.1240.
  • For a prompt quote, use our Quote Request Form!

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